Train in Mizoram 

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                        Railway Out Agency, Aizawl hi kum 1975 November ni 14-ah a lo ding tan a. Chutih lai chuan Mizoram hian Guwahati atanga rel chhuakah   emergency quota tlemte a nei ve chauh va; Manual Booking-in ticket kan pe chhuak ve thin a. Silchar/ Guwahati station hmunah rel ticket chu an zuk lei chawp leh thin a ni.                        

                        Tichuan, kum 1997, May ni 22-ah khan Computerized Ticket Booking-na hi hawn a lo ni ve ta a. Mizoram chuan hmasawnna rah bi pawimawh tak a lo nei ta a ni. Aizawl atang hian India ram hmun hrang hrang, relin a tlawh pawhna zawng zawng (broad gauge) ah chuan rel ticket hi duh zat zat, eng class-ah pawh kan pe chhuak thei ta vek a ni. 

1.      Train ticket hi advance-in ni 60 chhungin a lak lawk theih tawh a. Hemi hun chhung hi chuan mahni zirna tur hmun, khawilaiah pawh Aizawl atang hian ticket a lei chhuah vek theih tawh a ni. Tin, ticket reservation/confirmed seat a zawh tawh hian emergency atan rel thenkhatah’TATKAL’ dah a ni. He Tatkal system hi chuan ni 1 advance chauh va ticket pek chhuah theih a ni. Tatkal ticket hi chu a confirmed tlangpui a, waiting-list ticket pawh a confirm hma bik bawk. Tatkal ticket erawh hi chu cancel in pawisa hmuh let a awm lo tluk a ni, a ticket hrim hrim pawh  hi ticket pangngai rate aiin a to deuh bik bawk.

2.   Train ticket lei tawh sa hi eng emaw rokhawlhna avangin kal leh theih dawn loh chuan cancellation fee chawiin a refund/return leh theih a ni. 

3.    Railway Out Agency, Aizawl atang hian Indian Railway-in ngaihna thiamna (concession) a pek theih ang zawng zawngte pawh a pe ve thei vek a ni. 

                       1.     Mipa kum 60 chin chunglam                  2.     Hmeichhia kum 58 chin chunglam

                       3.     Students                                              4.     Disable Person

                       5.     Teacher                                               6.     Warrant

4.   Aizawl tlanga rel ticket I lak leh Delhi khawpuia I lak hian danglamna pakhat mah a nei lo va. Delhi hmuna rel ticket I lak kha Aizawl-ah hian I duh chuan a cancel theih a, chutiang bawkin Aizawl tlanga rel ticket I lak kha India ram chhung khawiah pawh I cancel thei vek bawk a ni. Tin, rel ticket I lakna hmun atangin I cancel-na pawisa kha lak tur a ni lo va, I cancel-na hmun apiangah khan pawisa pawh lak nghal zel tur a ni bawk.

5.   PRS (Passenger Reservation System) ROA Office  nilo hmun dang E tickets te chu PRS ah a cancel  /modify theih ve loh.PRS/ROA Office  a ticket la te chuan khawi hmun atang pawh in an ticket an refund thei .

6.   Train a chuang tur ten Original ticket ngei ken a ngai. PNR No. Chauh in Train a chuan theih loh.

7.   Ticket chi thum – Confirm, RAC ( Reservation against Cancellation leh Waiting list a awm. Ticket lak lai a waiting list pawh a hnu deuhah a in confirm thei.

8.   Train a zin in photo ID ken ngei a tha.

9.   Hengah te hian Rel Ticket a lak theih

1.     Aizawl Counter    : Railway ticket Booking counter, Directorate of Transport Building, Tuikual

2.    Timing                   : During Office hour



                   The rugged and narrow topographical condition of Mizoram may perhaps be considered as one of the stumbling block which had prevented the development of Railway traffic in this State. The importance of the services of Railway in this country had led the people of this state and the N.F. Railway authority to the establishment of Railway Out Agency at Aizawl on 14th November, 1975; decade after a narrow gauge train had entered Bairabi village which is in the north-western belt of the state bordering the State of Assam.

,                      In the initial stage of its establishment, Train Ticket reservation was done in manual process limitted to seat/berth allotted to the Out Agency in various trains departing from Silchar and Guwahati. Since Train arriving at Bairabi is a mixed train (goods & passenger) Mizoram had utilise the services primarily for import of commoditied such as rice, wheat etc.

            Introduction of computer system of reservation in the Indian Railway had led to the opening of various new Computerised Reservation Office in the country. Hence the project of establishing Railway Reservation Office in every district of the country had led to the establishment of the present Computerise system of Reservation (Passenger Reservation System)at Aizawl on 22nd May 1977. The Office was innaugurated by the then Prime Minister of India I.K Gujral in the Office of Transport Department.  

            Train ticket of any class an any train of any amount subject to its availability can therfore be reservedi/booked from this Offis (PRS). It may also be mentioned here that return jouney ticket from various destination station of the the country can also be reserved from this office. Emergency Reservation/Tatkal Reservation can be book from this PRS within 24 hours before departure of the train where as nomal period for advance booking is being 90 days.

Concession Reservation of different nature applicable in the Indian Railway such as Senior citizen, Student Concession, Tribal Concession, sport etc. etc. can also be done from this Aizawl PRS.   

In addition to Aizawl PRS, N.F. Railway authority had also opened varous new locations in Mizoram  at various places  such as Lunglei, Serchhip, Kolasib, mamit for the public of Mizoram.

           These PRS located at or in the Transport Department Offices are opened in all working days within Government working hours.

            Ticket timing : During Office hour