Unlike other state where the transport sector is looked after by road transportation corporations, in Mizoram, this is directly taken care of by the government department i.e. Transport Department. Prior to 1988 all passengers and goods were exclusively transported by MST buses/trucks or under its supervision. However, the system has now been diluted after the extension and enforcement of The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. As, the Motor Vehicle Wing of state is also a constituent part of the Transport Department, Government of Mizoram. The Transport Department deals with the subject matter relating primarily to Road Transport. The Department administers the Motor Vehicles Taxation Act and Rules made there under. The Department also controls, supervises and regulates the working and functioning of the various bodies under the Department. These bodies are the State Transport Authority and the Motor Vehicle Wing. There is also a state run Passenger Transport Service namely Mizoram State Transport. It is a major revenue earning department and has also an important and significant role to play in the matter of rationalization, development and improvement of Road Transport System in Mizoram.