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1Appointment of Associate Secretary (STA)
2Appointment of Associate Secretary (STA)
3Approval of Auto Rickshaw Service Domain
4Approval of Celerio & Ecco Van for Taxi
5Approval of Santro & Figo for Taxi
6Approval of Tiago & Redigo for Taxi and TVS King for Auto Rickshaw
7Cancellation of All Mizoram Maxi Cab
8Cancellation of All Mozoram Taxi Permit
9Commission of Counter Agent
10Compulsory transfer of Permit to Vehicle's owner
11Contribution of Agenda for STA Meeting
12Domain modification for Durtlang Area Auto Rickshaw Service
13Intodiction of Two Wheeler Taxi Service at Lunglei
14Introduction af Auto/Taxi at Phulsungsei, Khawhai & Sialsuk
15Introduction of Aizawl East Auto Rickshaw Service
16Introduction of Aizawl Suburb Auto Rickshaw Service
17Introduction of Aizawl Two Wheeler Taxi Service
18Introduction of Auto Rickshaw & Taxi Service at Sangau
19Introduction of Auto Rickshaw Service at Tawipui & Haulawng
20Introduction of Auto Rickshaw Service at Zokhawthar, Phaisen & Rawpuichhip
21Introduction of Rent-A-Motor Cycle Scheme, 1997
22Introduction of Saitual Town Bus
23Introduction of Two Wheeler Taxi at Champhai, Lawngtlai & Mamit
24Introduction of Two Wheeler Taxi Service at Thenzawl
25Notification on Replacement of Vehicles
26P&G Tax/Hire rate of Aizawl Taxi/Cancellation of Aizawl Taxi Permit
27Permit Transfer Fee of Two Wheeler Taxi
28Replacement of Aizawl City Bus
29Revision of Aizawl City Bus Fare
30Revision of Aizawl City Bus Fare
31Revision of Aizawl City Bus Fare
32Revision of Bazar Bus Fare
33Revision of Fare & Freight Charge of MST
34Revision of FARE for Passenger Service Vehicles within Mizoram
35Revision of hire ratre of Cab under RAC Scheme, 1989
36Revision of LINE BUS fare
37Revision of Lunglei Auto Rickshaw Fare
38Revision of Maxi Cab fare
39Revision of MST Bus Fare
40Revision of Serchhip Auto Rickshaw Fare
41Revision of Serchhip Taxi Fare
42Revision of Two Wheeler Taxi Fare
43RR Car Rental
44Serchhip Town Bus Fare
45Specification of Ambulance & Morgue Van
46Specification of City Bus & School Bus
47Specification of Line Bus
48Terms & Conditions of Rent-A-Cab Scheme, 1989
49Transfer of Permit
50Transfer of permit fee for bus